The Platform

Unistake is a decentralised token protocol built to empower DeFi projects and incentivise liquidity providers through staking bonuses, yield farming and regular dividends.

User Features

3 New features to increase
profits and usability


Multistake Multistake Allows users to provide liquidity
to 3 assets at once which results in
multiple new revenue streams.
Poolshare Enables users to provide liquidity to
selected tokens without the need
of having both tokens from the pair.
Traditional A standard Uniswap liquidity model with
the added benefits of staking and token
lock ups.


Yield Farming Made Simple

In the truest sense of the phrase, yield farming is the act of moving tokens between different financial incentive programs to find the highest return for ones holdings. For users who wish to engage in yield farming, the 3 features above can also be combined with Unistake's YieldSearch function to automate the entire process with the touch of a button. When the YieldSearch button is selected, the platform seamlessly transfers token holdings between different liquidity pools based on which tokens provide the highest staking returns.

Enterprise Features

Build trust and liquidity for new
and existing Defi Projects


Liquidity DeFi projects looking to build or increase
Uniswap liquidity can use Unistake to attract
liquidity providers through exclusive benefits.
Staking Bonuses Existing projects can use their company tokens to
create staking bonuses and new projects can
program their smart contracts to work with
Unistake out the box.
Lock up Periods Provide a higher rate of staking returns to liquidity providers
who leave their liqudity in the Uniswap pools for longer with
optional liquidity lock up periods.
Launch Contract New projects looking to build trust with their supporters can
utilise the Unistake smart contracts to get them off the ground.

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